International Property

“A fantastic record in successfully placing candidates internationally”

Our knowledge of the burgeoning international real estate market means that we can search for and find candidates that can succeed abroad, no matter what the marketplace and no matter what the culture.

Our thorough and detailed interviewing and screening process for international candidates allows us to  consistently find candidates with the right experience, attitude and credentials to succeed abroad. The international knowledge within our team means that we can expertly brief and prepare our candidates for the culture and environment that they will face. This has given us a near perfect record in successfully placing candidates internationally.

Our clients are international real estate companies looking to recruit estate agents from the UK to live and work abroad, as well as companies from the UK looking to expand globally. We can offer advice and guidance with regards to visa and working regulations, as well as working guidelines and practices more generally in any location.

If you are looking for candidates to fill your vacancies overseas please contact Gareth Broom

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