Employee of the Month sliver trophy

Employee of the Month - Jan 2019

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At the latter part of 2018, we decided that our employees deserved more recognition for the small things they do - the everyday things they do – not only for the business but for themselves and their colleagues. As the great painter, Vincent van Gogh once said;

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

And this is so true! While our business is recruitment which is in any sense of the word is part of the sales industry, we don’t just value our employees just for the KPIs they hit or for making the sales. While yes that’s part of their job, it’s not what we value about our employees solely. It's about them growing professionally – yes – but personally as well. Gaining and developing friendships, putting themselves out of their comfort zone, improving weakness and all round growing as a person.

With all this in mind, we started what we call ‘Employee of the Month’ to recognise these attributes an individual has shown above everyone else that month, no matter what it is.

So, without further ado, our ‘Employee of the Month’ for January is our East Anglia area manager, Ross Langham!

Ross Langham - Employee of the Month, January 2019

January was a particularly hard month to decide who deserved the title, with so many people in the running right up until the very end. But it was Ross who shone the brightest in the end. Ross throughout the month had a fantastic positive attitude during which anyone in recruitment or sales for that matter know how difficult January as a month can be. His positivity enabled him to never give up which he installed in his colleagues around him, while also extending a helping hand to them.

Ross also received a number of glowing reviews from both clients and candidates alike for his fantastic levels of customer service; which included providing a quick and efficient service, being helpful and personable, professional throughout the process no matter what was thrown his way and being extremely thorough.

This award was well deserved. Well done Ross, you did yourselves and us as a business proud!

We wonder who will be winning the trophy and the bragging rights for February’s Employee of the Month title, and why?