Employee of the Month sliver trophy

Employee of the Month - Feb 2019

Georgia Lane Louise Browne, Admin, Secretarial and PA, Land and New Homes...

And the winner of GCB Recruitment's 'Employee of the Month' for the month of February is........Louise Browne! Louise is the company Recruitment Resourcer and has been a big part of the company since joining way back early in 2015. 

As we mentioned during January’s 'Employee of the Month' blog that it’s the small things that count when being considered for the title, and that’s what made Louise our top candidate for consideration throughout the month of February - being heads and shoulders above the rest. 

A couple of days into the month, as a business we were faced with a dilemma that needed fixing asap, however, it required extra work to be conducted in order to get it fixed that not many of our staff had to spare. Louise was the first to volunteer her time and services to help the business fix the issue. And as always, she carried out this service despite it being stressful and even frustrating at times with the positivity and humour that only she can – never once complaining and always smiling. 

Louise works on a part-time basis for GCB Recruitment due to being a single-mother so, it was amazing when she re-arranged things with her son so that she could work later and more days over a 2 week period to help finish the task for the business. And all without being asked! We couldn't have been more grateful to her for doing so, and it was one of the top reasons Louise was made 'Employee of the Month'. Giving up her free time to help the business when it needed her shows what an amazing and rare employee she is! 

This award was well deserved. Well done Louise, you’re a huge asset to GCB Recruitment! Where would we be without you!

We wonder who will be winning the trophy and the bragging rights for March’s Employee of the Month title, and why?