Employee of the month - November

Employee of the month - November

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The winner of GCB Recruitment’s ‘Employee of the Month’ for the month of November is……the property department’s, Essex, London & Hertfordshire area manager, Olivia Wallace.

This is the first time Olivia has won the title of employee of the month which has come swiftly, considering Olivia joined the GCB team only in October of this year.

She was awarded the title for her continuous positive manner both with her colleagues and towards her work. She has also been recognized for continuously working outside of work hours which showed her willingness to be a successful member of the team. This was shown when she achieved her first placements extremely quickly

Olivia’s performance throughout the month was extremely successful. Her hard-work and integration into the team is what won her ‘Employee of the Month’ in November 2019.

We wonder if anyone can best Olivia next month or will she retain the trophy? Stay tuned to find out who will be winning the trophy and the bragging rights for December’s Employee of the Month title, the final instalment for this years trophy!