How to Take Advantage of Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for all types of businesses across the world. Due to the increase in the use of social media platforms marketing has massively changed over the years. For smaller businesses, it has become more possible to advertise and market without spending the large amounts of money that are needed for advertisement platforms such as TV advertisements, newspaper adverts, and billboards. Due to the increase in online presence, you can now advertise to a ginormous audience, free of charge. This blog will provide you with ways to improve your company or brand's digital marketing presence.

One of the main problems many companies make in the early stages of digital marketing development is setting up a monumental amount of social media accounts. The chances are many of the people running the accounts have no previous experience of using social media platforms. When running an account, it’s very important to understand the platform and the way the form of media works. To know the ins and outs can give you a large advantage over competing companies in this field. When you’re first starting out focus on fewer accounts and consistency throughout them. Being consistent on social media will build you a loyal following of people who’re interested in your account. Consistency within the SEO means that you’ll save money in the long run instead of relying too much on paid advertising.

Most small business owners are aware that you need to be on social media. It’s a known fact that social media isn’t going anywhere and is only going to continue to grow. In 2019 45 million people in the UK had a social media account. With that many unique users across social media, it allows for a great opportunity to grow your brand. Therefore, all small businesses should take advantage of their social media accounts and push their brand image out to the public via the correct platforms. As an example of the grand scale use of social media, Facebook has over 1.9 billion unique monthly users. Which platforms you use to promote your brand or company should be decided on by the target audience which we will look over later in the post.

The importance of having an email list can be underestimated. An email list is possibly one of the most valuable and responsive assets you have. According to research conducted by ‘QuickSprout’, email subscribers are 3x more likely to share content on social media. Unlike your social media following, you own your marketing list and can control who sees the email. Many competitors who branch out into social media then believe having an emailing list Is outdated. Of course, having a social media following is very important and is a great marketing tool but an emailing list can feel customised to the receiving clients. This also gives you a great opportunity to build a more personal relationship with clients through email.

Digital marketing is a great method for small businesses to take advantage of to grow and develop their customer base. There are many different social media platforms for companies to branch into. However, the importance of consistency must be recognised by the company when exploring social media.