5 worst things to do during an interview

Bryony Smith candidate, candidates

Sometimes during an interview, we can unknowingly say the wrong thing due to nerves or lack of preparation. So, we've compiled a list of the 5 worst things you can say/do during an interview. 

Here at GCB Recruitment we want to help you secure a new position - by avoiding these common interview mistakes you will stand a better chance of landing your dream job!

1. Don't criticise your former boss or old job

You may be desperate to leave your current role because you hate the job or employees but talking about this in an interview can come across unprofessional. Try to avoid focusing on the negatives, instead what you’ve learnt whilst working and what you plan to do next. If you are talking poorly about someone during an interview, there’s always a risk that the interviewer could know them personally. Alternatively, the interviewer may think you can’t work well with other people.

2. Don’t be late

Make sure you plan your journey before your interview. We all know we can’t control the traffic and sometimes being late isn’t always avoidable. But when it comes to interviews you will likely be marked down if you turn up late.

3. Don’t attend an interview unprepared

Believe it or not – some candidates think that they can attend an interview unprepared. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that! Make sure you research the history, culture or brand of the company. A typical interview question is “what do you know about us?”. Asking questions at the end can also demonstrate your initiative and commitment to the role. If you’re unsure how to prepare for an interview read our other blog post ‘Preparation is the key to success’ for tips.

4. Don’t be arrogant

Job interviews are just as much about ensuring that the role is right for you as it is for your interviewer to make sure you are right for them. Some candidates can over-sell themselves and come across arrogantly –this can be off-putting for interviewers and employers.

5. Don’t downplay your skills

You’ve been invited to an interview because the employer is interested in your experience, so be confident and think to yourself “YOU deserve this job!”.

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