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All companies have one thing in common, they’re all looking for the best talent that fits there offer of pay. Money is often assumed to be the main incentive to attract top talent however, that isn’t always the case. Potential employees look for a lot more than just money and benefits; the intangibles also matter, too. There are many things companies can do that don’t necessarily look good on paper but can attract more advanced employees. Many of these methods will be looked at within this blog post to enhance the understanding of employing techniques.

Companies that become employers of choice treat people well. This treatment of employees starts by having a robust interview process, where candidates are respected and informed every step of the way. This process not only takes part in interviews but also extends to having fair policies that are consistently applied, and benefits that reflect the caliber of employee you want to attract. Treating people well will increase your reputation and will attract the best to the role.

Nowadays employees look for companies where work pressure doesn’t affect their personal life. Modern-day employees now offer so much to their employees. The work conditions should be balanced, and it shouldn’t become tedious to work all day. Giving employees extra options is a great way to attract employees to your company.  Top employees will monitor the marginal differences from company to company so offering extra incentives could attract higher-quality candidates to your job roles. Flexible working is a specific factor that can attract candidates to a role and split the difference between you and competitive companies.

Additional perks in the workplace are a great asset to provide as an incentive to employees when looking for work. International companies such as Google and Facebook offer amazing workplace environments that make them dream companies to work for. They offer incentives such as buffet meals, health insurance policies, bonuses and allowances, family holidays and much more to attract talents. A well-maintained office area is also one way to add positivity and constant energy flow.

When advertising a job, you want to make sure you clearly define the role. Firstly, consider internal candidates for the role that could be great options to award promotion to. Giving an employee a promotion will tell them that their hard work and persistence is being noted. When thinking about your job description be sure to be clear, accurate and very focused on what you want as well as what you’re going to offer the candidate. Make sure to inform them of any opportunities for training and progression. You need to be sure to ‘sell’ the job and the culture of your company. Any well-established advertising agency is aware that a bad brief leads to a bad job. If your advert or job description lacks something, is inaccurate or just terribly bad then it simply won’t attract high tier candidates.

In the current market, one of the most difficult challenges for businesses is to acquire and retain top talents. It’s important for businesses to build a positive employer brand and empower their employees on social media. Retainment of the highest tier employees is essential business stability and growth.


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