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With situations continuously developing around the world and most influentially within the United Kingdom, many businesses are now turning to Skype and telephone interviews. Many of you may never had a full interview over a telephone call or Skype. For those of you who haven’t faced this previously or are looking to find out more information on how to approach this situation this blog will highlight the key focus points of a Skype and telephone interview.  

Firstly, there can be advantage to both applicants and businesses behind a telephone or Skype interview. For businesses, a telephone interview is essentially cost free and yet a great alternative to get a first impression of an applicant’s personality and capability. While a telephone or Skype interview is usually used as a first interaction between a business and applicant it could now be used as an alternative to a first interview. A telephone or Skype interview can also provide applicants with an insight into the prospective business and creates a point of contact for further communication.  

Properly preparing for a telephone interview is crucially important, especially if full interviews are now being held over the phone. Usually, a telephone interview is just used as a preliminary chat in which management can gage an initial opinion on potential candidates. However, due to circumstances it is key to be properly prepared for a telephone interview with all the necessary information that you may need. The person holding the interview may want to know what experience you hold and what communicational and technical skills you possess. Prior to the interview you should also consider all information that you want to get across to the interviewer. This way you leave the best possible impression and present why you’re the right person for the job.  

In order to check your spontaneity an interview time may not always be agreed upon. Therefore, you should always be expecting a phone call and be prepared for the situation. In the period between accepting a telephone interview and being interviewed you should answer every telephone call with you full name. As well as this having a notepad to hand is key so you can react confidently and faster.  

In regard to video interviews, there are special measures you should take to cater for this type of interview. During video chats, via Skype or Facetime, you should always wear clothes that you would wear to attend a normal interview in person. Additionally, the working space in front of you as well as the background should be suitable for the interview. An unchanging background is great if possible as it will maintain the focus on the main subject, which Is you. Another crucial point is to have good lighting, so your person and face is always within the field of view.  

The final point is to interact diligently over the course of the phone interview. Seeing as your interviewer can’t see you, forming answers which are clear and memorable are key. A lack of communication skills will be harshly scrutinised when an interview is not in person. How quickly you speak and the clarity of you voice are also both noted in a telephone interview. Alongside this, taking note of your interviewer’s name and addressing them personally is another great tip.  

Overall, with the current circumstances we will all come across change. If you’re offered an interview online or over a phone call be sure to apply all of these techniques prior to your interview. Following these guidelines will give you a great chance in having a successful interview over telephone or on Skype. 


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