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Not feeling the love at work anymore?

Then maybe its time to think about breaking up with your current employer!

It’s never easy ending a relationship whether it’s a romantic one or a working one. But there sometimes comes a time in both types of relationships when you need to move on for yourself.

The question is how? How, you ask yourself are you going to end the relationship without leaving a bad taste behind because, as we all know there’s a right and wrong way to break up with someone.

The answer - to resign with dignity and respect, demonstrating your sense of class until your very last day.

Now the working world isn’t as big as you might initially think. It’s a world where sometimes ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ and a networking circle is everything. Because we never really know who knows who and who we could end up working with years down the road. So, burning those bridges could come back to haunt you and your career.

To ensure that those bridges remain, follow these small pieces of advice our own Managing Director had a hand in providing.

Give adequate notice

When handing in your notice, always offer to work your notice even if you can’t wait to run out the door. While you could work out an arrangement it’s better to allow your boss the time to find your replacement and ensure that your work is finished. Believe it or not, this could also help your new employer to enable them the time to get ready for your arrival.

On the other hand, if it’s common for your employer to frog march people out the building whenever someone hands in their notice. Ensure you give yourself adequate time to prepare by collecting your things and tying up loose ends.

Inform your boss/es before anyone else

There’s nothing worse than hearing your boss say, “I know” when you finally get up the courage to tell them you’re leaving the business. And depending on how your boss is they could be extremely offended and even potentially angry you couldn’t show them the respect they deserve by telling them first. Not telling them first shows a lack of respect so don’t be surprised if you get those types of reactions.

They always say get the hardest thing out of the way first and the rest comes easily. Telling your boss might be hard but it’s the only way to start your notice period off on the best foot. Once you do that then your more than welcome to shout it from the rooftop telling anyone you wish.

Be positive

Potentially difficult if you’re leaving because you hate where you currently work. But being positive will go a long way in ensuring that those bridges remain in one piece. While it’s easy to be positive and upbeat about where you’re going - that’s a given - but to be positive about where you are may require more work.

Just always remember to be careful not to be too positive about the shining new role you're going to, while it might be better than the one your currently in be aware not to offend the people you're leaving behind.

Don’t bad mouth

No matter what your feelings are, don’t give into temptation! Remember when your mother said to you all those years ago “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” well it’s never been truer than in this situation. If you never got along with Mary in accounts or felt that working for your former employer was soul-sucking don’t write about it in social media status or gossip at lunch, as it will only cause you harm in the end. Because we all know things like that get around easily.

Bad mouthing will not only make you look bad to your former colleagues and employer but could also find its way into the ears of your new one!

Say goodbye

Seems easy enough, but you would be surprised how many people leave a business without saying the goodbyes they would like to, and colleagues the goodbyes they would like to hear.

It’s always a good idea to send a mass email to not only inform everyone your leaving (no need to say the reasons why) but to thank them for the time you’ve worked together and to ask them to keep in touch.

If your friendlier with other colleagues it’s a nice touch to give them more of a personal goodbye whether that’s in the form of an individual email or present, they both show that the appreciation you have for them.

Use these pieces of advice the next time you hand in your notice and you won't leave the relationship feeling like the bad guy. Remember while it’s true that first impressions count when you leave it will be your final moments that people remember the most - So, don’t let them be bad! 


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