Have you got what it takes to be an Estate Agent?

Phoebe Johnson

We are proud to specialise as one of the most trusted property recruitment agencies in the region and we are truly passionate about this career industry. That’s no surprise when our very own Gareth Broom (founder of the company), has been very successful in the property sector in his previous career, and brings with him a deep understanding of this field in particular. Gareth's own journey has no doubt informed and cultivated an energetic culture when it comes to property recruitment at GCB. Currently, we have a team of consultants who cover the property sector and have a keen matchmaking eye when it comes to recruiting people for property jobs. They know what it takes, and they know what employers are looking for! But do you? Let’s explore what characteristics and skill sets are the most important to bag those estate agency jobs

Degree? Or no Degree?

You actually don’t need one, so don’t panic! Even though having one would provide another layer of valuable experience, it’s not essential, and certainly not something that will stop you smashing a high flying, (well paid) career in the future.

Let’s talk transferable skills

Okay, so there are plenty. In this sort of role you will be responsible for collecting information about customers and property, most likely arranging viewings. You will be required to talk with a varied demographic of people confidently, advising them on the best options available, as well as being able  to show an active and lively understanding of local areas and liaise between all parties of any transactions. This might include progressing sales, or supporting new tenants into new homes. 

Let’s break it down. We’ll start with the generic, but all important one.


Confident communication

Arguably, this skill is sought-after in most job roles across the board. It’s hard to think of a job where communication skills would not be at least somewhat desirable. But in a job like this it is absolutely crucial that a candidate is able to communicate, unfalteringly clear and with an enthusiastic manner. Any experience in a customer service role, from working on a supermarket checkout, to wait staff, to being a service rep over the phone, will show that you have had exposure in roles that share this skill capability.

Customer facing service roles can often mean having difficult conversations that are hard to navigate. Having skills at dealing with these types of conversations will set you in good stead for a job as an estate agent. Things in all aspects of life do not always go our way. And that’s normal, but employers want to know they are hiring someone well equipped to deal with that!



Labelling someone as ‘competitive’ can often be misinterpreted to mean arrogant or cantankerous (ooo good word). But actually that’s not true, when understood correctly, it means an individual is driven, determined, and most likely cut out for a sales job where targets and healthy competition is considered motivating. If this sounds like you, then a job in an estate agency would suit you. In a role like an estate agency, things can move from 0 to 100 fast, can be extremely time sensitive, and often sales target based… Naturally competitive natured people will thrive in this environment. 

Candidates who have been (or are) keen sports players regardless if it was a team sport like football or individual like gymnastics, are often by nature self motivated, disciplined, and always determined to improve their game. It also might be indicative of an eagerness and openness to learn, and take on feedback. A skill that is attractive to any manager in any job sector, believe us! 


Passion and Empathy

No matter what you’re doing, you’ve gotta do it with a little heart and soul. That is what employers really need to see, and it has to be organic. The best candidates are those that can demonstrate real empathy for their clients and will by nature always put that customers needs before anything else, that comes hand in hand with being passionate about your role. Property Personnel use a really great example of how these skills can work in tandem in the context of an estate agent. They write:

‘Extending that passion out towards the community and being able to demonstrate your local knowledge is crucial to getting your clients on side. It’s easy to walk someone round a property pointing out the obvious like, “Here’s the kitchen, and across the hall is a spacious sitting room.” But what’s more engaging is to talk about their local area, the transport links, restaurants and schools – for example, “If you cut across the park it takes less than 10 minutes to walk to Whitehill School, which Ofsted recently upgraded to outstanding. It also offers excellent wrap around care, which is great if you need to stay later at work.

Think you’re up to it? Fancy a chat about getting a job in property? Or are you an owner of an estate agency, and need help finding new recruits? List your job vacancies with us here today and we’ll do the rest.

We may be based in little old Norfolk, but at GCB we do things BIG. We are international and recruit for property jobs all over the world, including Dubai! Check out our previous blog to see the boy's recent trip out there to meet one of our oldest clients Allsopp & Allsopp. Be sure to pick up the phone on 01603 667777 to discuss our international job openings!


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