GCB Recruitment supports Neatherd High School Business Breakfast!

Phoebe Johnson

Last Wednesday, Neatherd High School in Dereham held a business breakfast for 40 of their year 7 students in the school canteen. And, of course, our very own director Gareth Broom and Operations Manager Georgia Lane got involved in the event along with 10 other working professionals. They enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the school prior to answering questions from the students. The students took their time going round the room, spending 10 minutes with each employer asking any questions they had about the profession. 

Mr Hodges, Careers leader at Neatherd said, ‘’We’re very grateful to every one of them who gave up their time and participated in the event to support our students. It was brilliant to see such engagement and interest from our youngest year group. The employers were impressed with the maturity and conduct of the youngsters and found the experience very rewarding and enjoyable. Special thanks to Mrs Broughton for organising such a brilliant event.’’

Gareth, who used to attend Neatherd School (and was head boy, he’d like to add) said it was a genuine pleasure to take part in the breakfast and return to his roots.

A word from Gareth

“Walking back through those halls was like stepping back in time! Things might have changed but I could still picture the way it used to be. I might not be the same floppy-haired head boy anymore, but the school still bizarrely felt the same. However, sitting down with the year 7s reminded me how far I’ve come from those years when I attended Neatherd. Being asked to go back to speak with the year 7s was such an honour. The students were fantastic! Their questions were insightful, thought provoking and at times humorous,  reminding me how young they were. There was one question that stood out to me and really made me think. “What would you do now if you didn’t have the job you do now?” The question is very simple but for a business owner it was very hard hitting. What would I be doing now if I didn’t have my business? Where would I be? What would my life look like? Aren’t these similar questions we used to ask ourselves when we left school? What will my life look like? What path am I going to take? And where will it ultimately lead me? I didn’t know back then at their age I could be running a successful business. Back at their age (11-12) I thought I would be a footballer! In truth, who knows what those year 7s will turn out to become, but I know this: The guidance Neatherd gives their students will help steer them on the right path. I would like to thank both Mr Hodges and Mrs Broughton for asking us to attend the event and hope that the students gained valuable insight and enjoyed themselves. I look forward to the next event.”

Georgia shares her comments

 “What Neatherd has created for its students is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and is something I very much wish I had when I was their age. Preparing school leavers for real world situations like interviews and writing CVs are such important life skills and just as important as their GSCEs! However, these skills and career advice is often overlooked by schools but to see Neatherd take such a strong stance on the future of their students is wonderful and inspirational. I am particularly excited for the future projects we have with them later in the year and look forward to helping many students over the coming years.”


Coming up...

A little later on in the year Gareth will be returning to the school to speak at large with the upper years to discuss his journey from head boy to owner/ Managing Director of GCB Recruitment and everything in between. Such as the CV workshops Gareth and some other senior members of the GCB team will be hosting with the older students. As well as, assisting alongside other local businesses with interview sessions designed to help develop the upper years life skills in readiness for the working world.

Call GCB Recruitment Agency today for more information on how we can assist you. Whether you are seeking a job, or are an employer who needs help finding the right candidate for a job vacancy, please feel free to contact us for a non obligatory chat. 


Hello gcbrecruitment.co.uk admin, Your posts are always on topic and relevant.
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Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the event and support our students.
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They enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the school prior to answering questions from the students
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