The Job Hunt: An Emotional Rollercoaster!

Phoebe Johnson

Even if you’ve faced the job market before as an independent job seeker, the process can be laborious and let’s face it, rather intimidating. Opportunities can be overwhelming, the environment fast paced and often coldly corporate… It can feel like a 10ft high impenetrable wall, no doors, windows, not even so much as a ladder! We’ve all been there, trolling through what feels like endless job posts, looking for one that not only inspires us but is logistically suitable. Does it pay enough? Has it got perks? Has it got the standard amount of holiday? Is it in the right location? And then when you find one worth applying to… you actually have to apply for it. Urgh and so it begins, right?

As recruiters who know the industry in and out, we know emotions can run up and down during the job search. We can appreciate that the task can seem like the big bad wolf, but being a candidate in the job market needn't put your heart rate through the roof. As they say, nothing worth doing ever comes easy, and hopefully with a little insight from us, you can turn any wobbles into wiggles of excitement over that new job you’ve just landed!

So, what potential barriers could get in the way of a level head? Let’s prepare you for anything this process might throw at you along the way.


Falling in love with the job before you’ve got it!

Okay, so we’ve all done this, right? We’ve read a job description, and surely, it’s been written with us in mind? It’s too much of a good fit for them to have been talking about anyone else! Uh uh uhhh. Steady on. You may well be a perfect fit. But remember, you know you very well. The employer will only be acquainted with a couple pieces of paper. In an emotional sense, it’s best not to marry yourself to the role. That way, if you don’t hear anything back this time around, you won’t put yourself through the emotional lows of feeling like you’ve been cheated out of destiny. The job market, especially at the moment, is quite saturated both with applicants and job vacancies. So no need to take it personally, you’re part of a large pool of a talented bunch.

Say you get called to an interview. Score! Things are looking up! It’s pretty natural to feel like fist pumping the air and start looking on Pinterest for desk inspo. We see you. But stop that now. 

It’s a normal human reaction to get excited about being one step closer to an opportunity that really suits you. And, it’s clever to channel that ambitious energy into your interview, but don’t get carried away. You will save yourself the heartache of rejection if you can remain relatively pragmatic about the process.


Radio Silence

You’ve spent a long time tweaking your CV. You’ve painstakingly raked through your cover letter with a fine tooth comb and triple checked if you’ve used your apostrophes correctly. You send your application off, and then, you wait. And wait… and wait. There is nothing more frustrating than putting a lot of effort into an application to a job you’d really be great for, and hearing absolutely nothing. It feels sort of personal, and it’s easy to let your emotions take over and feel dejected, unwanted and quite frankly, a bit invisible.

However, do not despair! A lot of businesses get tons of applications. It’s most likely not a reflection on you, unfortunately that is just how the cookie crumbles, so you need to get a little tough. Getting some CV advice and making it as strong as possible is a great way to make sure you get noticed. 

Be savvy to the source 

Make sure that you are searching for jobs in the right place. Use a reputable platform. It’s all too common, especially on some social media sites, for job posts to actually expire, or the role has been fulfilled and the company just hasn’t taken it offline yet. Save yourself the emotional exhaustion of applying for a job that actually does not exist.


A watched pot never… gets an email?

Do yourself a favour, and cut chords with your email inbox while you are waiting. There’s nothing more infuriating than checking your inbox constantly. Send across your application and forget about it. Go out with friends, have a good time, stay present in your current job if you are still working. Don’t completely check out just yet, and put your patient pants on. Of course, you will need to check for correspondence, perhaps limit yourself to once a morning, but don’t obsess over it. It will stress you out more if you’re transfixed by receiving a notification on your phone, especially if you set your expectations that they will reply instantly, you will no doubt be setting yourself up for a low mood if your phone doesn't ping. You can guarantee as soon as you relax, and think of something else, you will be rewarded with some news.


Don’t do it alone!

Even if you are a proud solo warrior, why not make life easier and use a recruiter? 

Hello, GCB Recruitment Agency, nice to meet you. We specialise in all this stuff, so why not let us support you in your journey? Skip the queue for the roller coaster, and relax on the lazy river instead! As you probably know by now, we specialise in property and financial recruitment, but we also have consultants who are well established in construction and tech industries and could open doors to you as a job seeker, or as employers looking for new talent. Why not get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you. Call us now on 01603 667777 or email us on


We know emotions can go up and down when looking for a job
Posted on Friday, November 25, 2022 11:04 by Perhotelan
We can appreciate that the task can seem like the big bad wolf, but being a candidate in the job market needn't put your heart rate through the roof
Posted on Saturday, October 08, 2022 01:48 by Administrasi Bisnis

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