Every year we ask some of our long-standing clients to write us a case study to really find out what they think about working with our consultants and GCB Recruitment as a whole. Whether it’s the exceptional level of services they received, the successful individuals placed with themselves or why they chose to use us over other recruitment agencies.

Below is only a selection of the many case studies we have received over the years. 


We initially struggled to find bright and ambitious candidates in our area, who would be able to grow with the company and learn our way of doing business. When dealing with other recruitment agencies, they were either too small to attract a large enough talent pool or had grown too big to provide a consistently high quality of candidates that met our expectations. We tired of the continual “throw enough things at the wall and see what sticks” approach.

GCB was different, however. They listened. And as a result, they gained a better understanding of our needs than their competitors and they were better able to evaluate potential candidates. The feedback from the staff members who they have placed with us has been overwhelmingly positive. They tell us that the entire recruitment process was informative, efficient and communicative.

People buy from people. Relationships develop over time, making staff retention an essential element of all businesses. GCB has been an important part in creating a consistent and high-quality workforce that exudes stability for Scott Fraser. 

David Blythman - Sales Director 


When dealing with almost 600 agents and the associated support services, it’s difficult to find the time to advertise and recruit for our ever-growing auction department so we began to consider outsourcing. 

Quality was one of the most important factors – not only in the service from our chosen recruitment company but also in the candidates they were able to supply. GCB provided us with a national solution, and they have regional advisers who understand local markets and the range of people available. Once we have decided on the candidate we want to interview, GCB handle the entire process. Including dates, time and the running order. The feedback their consultants provide is one of our favourite features of this stand our service.

We’ve had some fantastic employees from GCB, who are now flourishing in various positions for Pattinson Auctions across the country. Using their recruitment service allows us to concentrate on our own business as we trust them to find the right people.

Justin Beckwith - Auction Director 


Due to the demand for new homes, many developers often compete for the same staff. It is therefore essential for our business to bring in new people to train for specific roles. A combination of lack of time and difficulty recruiting out of our known areas often makes recruiting a frustrating process.

GCB directly approached us years ago and ever since they have provided us with an efficient and on-point service. They have not only found employees that have become long-term team members but also introduced us to new talent that wouldn’t necessarily, have come through our conventional hiring channels. 

Working with the GCB team has been a very easy process overall, and has saved us a considerable amount of time, allowing us to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Michelle Baker - Head of Sales, Anglia Region


Before using GCB, we would receive lots of CVs from all over the place, both directly from individuals and agents who were simply sending out a mailshot of their new candidates, not all of whom were relevant to our vacant positions. We used to advertise for new staff on social media, our website and through staff referrals. We had many difficulties using these methods all of them failed to provide us with the employees we needed.

We've now worked with GCB for many years as our chosen specialist recruitment agency, they even placed me in my current role here! 

Paul Buck - Head of Lettings & Property Mangement


The lack of suitable candidates with appropriate experience and our own expensive hiring mistakes makes recruitment a difficult process for us. And when dealing with other agencies they don’t have the national coverage, didn’t qualify the candidates well and their fees were too expensive when compared to GCB Recruitment.   

We have been very pleased and impressed with the level of service, good communication and excellent customer support from all the consultants at GCB, who have worked across the UK. They respond promptly and relevantly to our requests, accepting our judgement when we decide a candidate is not suitable and move quickly to help us source the right person. This proactive attitude helps us swiftly proceed through the recruiting process without disrupting the business too much, and ensuring we employ the ideal employees to grow our business. 

Jane Davey - Project Director, Estate Management 

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